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1/15/2022: Site creation. Click here for my Site Profile.

1/25/2022: Added Thoughts section to this page. I'm hoping to divide the website into pages, and Thoughts will become a commentary section. I'm slowly learning the ins and outs of HTML...slowly!


1/25/2022: One of the topics I thought to explore was the prevalence of subscription models and smartphones. Media ownership has increasingly become media "borrowship" in that many of the sources of our media are only available in the form of a subscription. People rent music through services like Spotify and YouTube Music and TV shows are accessed only after a monthly fee has been paid. People can even pay to view a Tweet. I've wondered if smartphones will soon be accessed through a subscription model as well. Smartphones are a tricky thing because they're considered most luxurious when they are new. Unlike a Nintendo video game, smartphones generally only lose value over time. Would high-end smartphone companies like Apple or Samsung ever impose a subscription model on the latest iPhone or Galaxy? It would seem that a subscription model would increase the number of iPhone and Galaxy users, which might, in a way, decrease the luxury factor of these products. If more people began using the latest iPhone, would it be nearly as coveted anymore? There is an inherent luxury in ownership over "borrowship", which is why mansions are rented to influencers and unused office space is bought up in the middle of New York City.